Tomoko Yoneda
Gauri Gill
Tomoko Yoneda
Gauri Gill
Vernissage le jeudi 3 septembre 2009
Ouverture du 4 septembre au 10 octobre 2009
Gauri Gill’s work is bound to documentary aesthetic and crosses the line between reporting evidence and art. She received an MFA in photography from Stanford University in California in 2002. For REMEMORY she has focused on India and its response to modernization through quiet imagery, surprising facts and the exposition of the flaws of reality. Gill’s focus on ordinary yet intriguing details fashions her beautifully ambiguous images.

« I began photographing urban landscapes in 2003, in the smaller mofussil towns and larger cities of Rajasthan. I find myself in the midst of tremendous change in Delhi, where one has in the last few years literally felt the ground shift beneath one’s feet. I live in a world that is being built as we speak, and I am interested in what is revealed about us by this new world we are creating.

When I was travelling through the cities of Rajasthan, I began to notice the architecture. It was a unique hybrid of village and city home, a synthesis of so many ideas, identities and aspirations – Marwari, Bania, Punjabi, Mughal, Bollywood… and of contrasts. Sandstone with black glass or white marble, granite and simple plaster. Colonies existing in a wasteland of debris, imitation English castles with the makeshift homes of migrant labourers surrounding them. There didn’t seem to be clear architectural precedents for this, nor was there evidence of one town planner’s imagination at work. What I found was idiosyncratic and individual. I had always been interested mainly in people, now I became attracted to building, of objects as much as buildings.

I have continued working in New Delhi and its neighbouring satellite towns – Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, as well as Mumbai, various cities in Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere in India. I find often myself photographing on the borders of towns, suburbs, spillovers, encroachments, where the rest of India starts to intermingle with its cities. I am drawn to construction sites as well as dying old buildings – such as in the Mill Area in Mumbai, or buildings that were torn down by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. They are part of the same cycle, and I am drawn to both the beginning and end of what seems to be an endless city. »
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Tomoko Yoneda

Tomoko Yoneda

Tomoko Yoneda

Gauri Gill

Gauri Gill

Gauri Gill

Gauri Gill

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